Waking with a start at 3a.m., I was in a state of panic because I couldn’t remember where I had stored unedited versions of three Works in Progress.

I participated in several National Novel Writing Month challenges, completing three novellas. Of course, once done, they have languished, untouched for months… years. I felt great guilt. It was if I had abandoned a close friend, with no explanation.

After a few hours of anguished searching (on three different computers), I found my neglected stories.

A little spring cleaning on this site (also abandoned and neglected for years), I’m in the slow process of moving all these stories into a single location.

I’ve disabled comments, and you won’t find a follow or email subscription feature. There might be new stories added in the future, but mostly I’ll be going through the painful task of editing these existing ones.

If you stumble upon these pages, I hope you find something of interest.



foggy lamp post

Quentin, an ancient evil who uses people like a parasite use a helpless host, must be stopped. His former apprentice, Abigail, a new adapt of shape-shifting, and Jake Barlowe, a hardened police detective, may be the only ones who can capture and destroy him.

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